Tuesday, September 24, 2013

No Lack of Excitement Here…

So I thought this would be a slower month for us here.  It is a slower month team-wise, with just one team already come and gone, and the next one not arriving until October 12th.  This is always the perfect time to get caught up with all the administrative work and work on getting ahead with responsibilities, planning, training and team-building with our staff.  And we’ve been able to do this!  Just yesterday Rob was talking about how we, as a leadership team, want to be proactive vs. reactive.
Well, a few weeks ago Rob and I were discussing how we needed to have quite a few branches in the trees around our yard trimmed.  We should have been more proactive, because today we are handling the after effects of a huge part of the tree over our covered outside area crashing down in the middle of the night and completely destroying the roof.  No lack of excitement here…

There was no wind or rain last night.  Looks like there was termite damage in the trunk that we had no knowledge of and the large branch got too heavy and just snapped.  I’m very thankful it happened in the night and not during the day when any of us could have been outside under that roof.  Some of the 2 X 4’s holding up the roof snapped and threw large shards of wood across the yard.
Seems to me a good analogy of what can happen if we don’t undergo regular pruning in our own lives. Is there huge area that needs pruning and was put off? Maybe, like the tree in our yard, I don’t even realize it needed pruning!  Here’s the warning: it may just come crashing down any moment.  Better start being more proactive in my life, looking for areas that need pruning.  The aftermath of not doing so could cause a lot of damage and make a big mess.
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