Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Giving Thanks

Living far away from family is definitely a sacrifice—not just for us but for those family members we have left behind.  It seems more exaggerated with the ocean between us.  It’s during the holidays especially, that I am so thankful for this missionary community that we are apart of.  We all come from many different parts of the world; all missing our families and friends. I’m thankful that this community has become like family and that we are able to celebrate the big holidays together.

Thanksgiving day is not a holiday in Haiti, but as an American, it’s one of the most important holidays of the year.  There are many different (Haitian) holidays we celebrate and observe throughout the year and many US holidays we tend to forget about.  For us, Thanksgiving isn’t one we forget about!  The last few years this has been a very special gathering for us and it wasn’t any different this year!

Once again, we hosted over 100 people at our house for American Thanksgiving!  The final count this year was 104 to be exact.  There were many old friends, a good amount of new friends and a few we don’t get the chance to see that often.  We welcomed Americans, Germans, Canadians and Haitians.  I really enjoy organizing and hosting this gathering every year. 

People ask how we pull this off every year.  Well, we have lots of help!  Our job mostly consists of organizing everything and communicating.  Some people donate their turkey that they received from Agape Flights and I asked Agape to purchase and send in any extra turkeys we needed to feed 100+ people.  This year, we cooked 6 turkeys!  Everyone signs up to bring one or two dishes, we gather all the tables and chairs the missionaries have and sit down for an American Thanksgiving feast.  Don’t think I’m fitting all these people in my house!  We have ample outdoor space and we pray for no rain, which thankfully we had none.  Many people came down earlier in the day to decorate and make the tables pretty.  After we ate dinner, we had a time of sharing then dessert and lots of conversations.  The kids enjoy a kids craft and time to play with each other.

It was a fun day, one that left me feeling contented and grateful.  While we really miss our family, we feel really privileged to be serving alongside this community of people furthering the gospel in Haiti.

During this season of thankfulness, we want to say an extra “thank you!” to those of you who support us financially, prayerfully and emotionally so that we can serve in Haiti.  We are appreciative of your sacrifice!

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