Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Sharing the Gospel with our Hands, Feet, and Mouths...

We had a great week out in Desriveaux. It was great to get out into the country once again. I spent the week with Walloon Lake Community Church in their first visit to Desriveaux Church. This was their first trip, an opportunity to consider officially becoming a C3 Partner (Sister Church).  Where is Desriveaux?
School Gathering
The week began with a welcome like I have never experienced. There was such an excitement in the air as we arrived. The Haitian church shared immediately that they had been praying for 15 years for a visit from a team like this. Their prayers had been answered. The hospitality of the typical Haitian puts the hospitality of the typical American to shame.

Friends.  Boys.
While we were in Desriveaux, we had lots of gatherings with the different groups of the church. We met with the Youth Group, School Kids, the Ladies gathering was truly SPECIAL including a fashion show!, as well as several services with the church at large.  We held an evangelistic service. We delivered food to widows and the desperately poor in the area.  We gave out a total of 50 Food Boxes.  We visited a Satellite church to encourage them.  We gave a quitar.  We built benches for the school.  We handed out 750 Jesus Story books to every child.  We truly shared the Gospel with our hands, our feet, and our mouths.  I use the word "we" carefully.  RMI made it all happen for sure, but it was only because of Walloon Lake Community Church's generosity and preparedness to bless the socks off the Haitian Church.  Of course, I know the US team members would say they received the largest blessing themselves! 

Building School Benches
Due to lots of rain, the main road coming home was cut off. We had to spend an extra day "on the road", actually in the Duchity MEBSH church. It brought back memories of staying at this same place during Hurricane Sandy in 2012! Luckily, this time, we were only there 1 night.

Praying with a Widow
God was honored as I believe lives were changed, both Haitians and Americans.

One of the team members wrote on her Facebook page...

"I left 10 days ago on a trip not knowing what to expect... but it wouldn't have mattered. My expectations would have been far exceeded. God is so good! He has amazing ways of showing me new things that I never realized before. I pray each and every day I will wake up with the heart of the Haitian church at Desriveaux. With their attitude of joy and thanksgiving for God's never ceasing love. My home might be here but my heart is in Haiti."
You can see all my pics from the trip here
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