Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Stuck in the Mountains... Again... v 3.0

In Haiti, we have to remain flexible.  But, sometimes I think God has a sense of humor.

Remember Hurricane Sandy in 2012?  I was stuck with the team from NewChurch Georgetown in the town of Duchity, on the wrong side of the Glass River...  Here are the pictures and a video to remind you.

By the way, if you want to see what progress looks like in Haiti...  Look at this picture of the Glass River last year, and now look at this pictures of the bridge that is there this year.

1 year later, just a couple of weeks ago, we, yes, the same team and I, got stuck AGAIN in Duchity due to a road block.  The team and I just looked at each other.  Really?  Luckly, this time, we only stayed in Duchity about 45 minutes and the road opened up.  It gave us a nice opportunity to visit with our friend the Pastor, who we had spent those long, windy and very wet days with 1 year ago.

Here we are, stuck in Duchity, Haiti
Again, yes, AGAIN, a third time, coming back with another team, this time from Walloon Lake Community Church, we got stuck... in the same place!  This time, the main road was cut off, due to 5 days of heavy rains mixed with road construction.  Apparently, the road slid down the mountain, and the more rock and dirt they would add, the more it would slide.  Finally, after several day of fighting with heavy equipment, they got it to stick.  But, now all the dirt they had added was like a big bowl of wet soup.  We waited, and we waited, only to realize we had to back track and spend the night.  The next day , we waited and waited. After parking the trucks, and walking up to see the scene, we watched truck after bus after truck make a run for it, only to get stuck and have to be pushed or pulled out.   Finally, after sitting all day, we made the decision to hike out with our essentials.  We had no idea how long the road would remain blocked and we had no desire to stay another night!  After some phone calls to friends with trucks on the other side, we hiked out across the mud and jumped into the trucks of friends.  The team was tough, they took it well.  The team was on it's way.

Hiking out in the Mud
Here are 2 videos of a bus trying to make it out.  #1 and #2.  We watched this scenarios happen 50ish times.

What an experience.  I am sure it won't be the last time I am stuck on a road in Haiti.  It's totally worth it!
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