Thursday, February 13, 2014

Black and Whites...

There is something about Black and White images that capture my imagination. In fact, it really isn't about imagination, for me they effectively strip away the clutter and distraction, and allow me to focus on the actual person, the true emotion, and genuine spirit of the occasion. 

It isn't to be overdone for sure. Too many of us throw out the color too often with too many images too quickly. It's true, I could turn every image into black and white. But, there seems to be a very limited selection of images that begs for it. So, over the last few years, I have been collecting a small set of images. You may have seen these, or most of these, but for the first time I have put them together in a collection or series.

See the whole album here.

Here is one of the latest. There is a whole story behind this image. It was gut wrenching for me. Some day I will share it with you.

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