Friday, February 14, 2014

Too Much Travel...

I guess if I didn't want to travel, I shouldn't have moved overseas. Right? During the month of December and January, I traveled to the US 3 times. That's too much, but it just worked out that way. 

First trip was just me for 5 days for planning meetings at the RMI FL Office.  This meetings are of extreme importance to keep the field and the FL office all moving together in the same direction.  

Second trip was with my family to go see out extended family in NJ for Christmas.  It was awesome.  We TOTALLY surprised everyone, even ourselves.  We made a last minute decision to make it happen.  I had not seen my parents and siblings for 18 months.

Third trip was with Benjamin for 3 different events over a period of 10 days.  We attended the FMSC Partners Conference, the McGregor Baptist Global Impact Celebration, as well as gave a report in the semi-annual RMI Board Meeting.  It was a GREAT trip, but Benjamin and I both desperately missed our wives and 3 kiddos back home.

 All 3 trips were great, but I have to say, I sure am glad to be back.

Benjamin and I standing at the RMI display booth
at McGregor Baptist Global Impact Celebration.

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