Sunday, March 30, 2014

A Kid's Life in Haiti...

If I was a kid, I would want to grow up in Haiti as an MK...

My kids are blessed.  They are free to play.  Free to climb trees.  Free to roam.  Jump off cliffs.  Ride motorcycles.  Swim in the Caribbean. They grow up slower, yet they grow up faster.  They are insulated from a lot of bad influence. They are learning a foreign language.  Exposed to culture.  Gaining broad perspective.  Involved in ministry.  They are learning leadership all the time being in front of people.  They travel all over.  They meet people from all over.  They are getting a great Christ centered education in so many ways.

Last week, Drew recited the whole first chapter of James to me.  Are you kidding me?  That's awesome.  Two weeks ago, Drew shared his testimony in a church to a large group of people for the first time.  Are you kidding me?  That's awesome.

This is NOT a "brag on my kids" post.  Please, don't think that I think our kids are even close to perfect.  I promise you, THEY. ARE. NOT.  Our kids struggle with disobedience, disrespect, selfishness, pride, etc, just like your kids.  This is a post to simply point out the blessings of being an MK.

Some think that going onto the mission field is a sacrifice.  Sure, in many ways it is, but so can be staying home in America.   Don't fear taking your kids to the mission field, fear staying home if God is calling you to go.

Here are a few pictures that I think represent some of the opportunities that my kids are having.  What do you think Drew is thinking, learning, observing?

Drew helping during a bucket brigade while building a home.
Drew Cliff Jumping
Drew Hanging on out the Beach
Drew's Graduation from Kindergarten
Drew carrying block to build a home.
Drew Hanging out with Alohse in Astruc
Drew Helping Build Benches
Drew Helping During a Deworming Clinic

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