Thursday, September 4, 2014

A New School Year

Monday, September 1st was the start of a new school year here at Cite Lumiere Christian School (CLCS.)  This year all 3 kids are in the same school!  Just the fact that there is a class for Braden and a teacher to teach it is a huge answer to prayer for us.

First Day of School September 2014

As of April 2014, we had no teacher and no leads until I mentioned to my Mom the need.  She thought of someone who might be interested.  Long story short, God worked in a big way.  Courtney Westcott was approved by the school board, approved to come with RMI and was able to raise the support she needed in only a few months.  She flew into Haiti with us on August 20th.  Pray for her as she adjusts to life in Haiti.  She seems to really enjoy teaching the first graders!

Braden: 1st Grade

First Day of School September 20141

This is Tessa’s 3rd year to have Mrs. Leger as her teacher.  She is one of 7 students in her class.  I’ve already had a few talks with her about how much more work 3rd grade is (while she was on the verge of a mini-meltdown!)  So far, she’s risen to the occasion.  Meanwhile, I’m feeling a sense of deja-vu thinking “Didn’t I just work with a child to memorize all the prepositions last year?  Why, yes I did!”

Tessa: 3rd Grade

First Day of School September 20142

This year is Drew’s 3rd year to have Mrs. Ferris.  His class is 4th and 6th grades combined and there are 9 students.  Mrs. Ferris really “gets” Drew and the way he thinks.  It makes for a good combination.

Drew: 4th grade

First Day of School September 20143

We are thankful for all the staff and teachers at CLCS, who really love the kids and love the Lord. 


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