Monday, September 1, 2014

My Daily Ice Bucket Challenge...

Warm Showers are NOT overrated... Will you allow me a moment to vent (aka whine)??? We have been back in Haiti now for 12 days, and I haven't yet had a hot shower. It's like my daily ice bucket challenge. Every morning I get up and fear the shower. Only after my first cup of coffee do I approach with great trepidation. I am never surprised at how un-cold the water is.

Now, to be fair, this is TOTALLY a first world problem. I admit it. I am spoiled. Having a hot water shower is not a requirement to the abundant life. It is truly insignificant when compared to the great needs we are regularly confronted with. I am almost embarrassed to admit it. Almost. I. HATE. COLD. SHOWERS.

If REAL missionaries don't require a hot shower, than I am not a REAL missionary...  Becky is apparently a REAL missionary because she seems to enter the shower lair like a hardened veteran with no care for personal comfort.  Or at least she doesn't whine like I do about it. I call her insensitive.

A new hot water heater is on order... please Lord, get it here quickly.  ;)

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