Thursday, September 4, 2014

Summer in the States

If you asked me to describe our summer home assignment (furlough) in just a few words, I’d give you two: fun and family. 

I didn’t fully realize it as we were preparing to leave for the States, but we were exhausted: tired from the busyness of life and ministry in Haiti and feeling worn out from the lack of family time in our schedule.  We needed a break.

Two years ago we took our first furlough.  We spent 3 months in the States, travelled over 8,000 miles to 21 States and saw as many possible supporters as we could.  For the most part, we were excited and energized by our travels. 

Fast forward two years later.  As we were preparing for our furlough this year, we sensed God leading us in a different direction.  Some of the plans for travel that we thought were good, weren’t panning out as we expected.  But we were encouraged as we sensed God leading us to spend more time with extended family and alone together as a family unit. 

We left Haiti on June 13th and returned August 20th.  We spent time in Florida and New Jersey and did a quick PA road trip.  We made it a priority to visit with each of our supporters in those areas, as well as each of our supporting churches.  We were sad that we weren’t able to see all of you, especially those of you in the Chicago area, this time around. 

We wanted this furlough to be a little different.  In fact, we needed it to be.  For our family, for our hearts, for our sanity. And it was.  We set out to make our meetings with supporters more organic; more about mutual sharing and just spending time together.  We enjoyed sitting around, catching up with so many of you.   We spent time praying for each other. We laughed and had fun with your families.

McDonald Visit July 2014

When we were in NJ and not meeting with supporters, we were spending quality time with our families.  Leaving was harder this time around as the kids bonded at a deeper level with their cousins, grandparents, aunts and uncles.

Boardwalk with Thompsons July 2014

In FL, we had week of vacation all to ourselves.  We made tons of memories and grew closer as a family.  We just had fun together!

Sanibel Vacation August 2014

At the end of it all, we were very ready to come home.  Ready to get back to  our normal life. Ready to jump back into work and ministry with a renewed sense of purpose.  Our hearts and souls were refreshed.  We returned with a fresh commitment to make family time a priority amidst the busyness and chaos.

If we were able to see you this summer, thanks for making the time, thanks for making it fun, thanks for sharing your lives with us.  If we didn’t get to see you, please know we are really appreciative of your love and support.  We hope 2 years from now brings us your way.


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