Saturday, November 1, 2014

Are We Doing the Work of the Gospel?

Yes.  I answer an emphatic YES!  But, I think there is more...  Over on the RMI Blog, I posted additional thoughts about this, but to be clear, I think we are doing GREAT Gospel work, but I am encouraging us all to focus even more on discipleship, aka good Biblical teaching...

RMI wants our partners to focus on 5 Impact Points... Evangelism, Discipleship, Education, Social Compassion and Community Development.  The Gospel requires this.  This is RMI exists.

Recently I've had some unique experiences that have really caused me to deeply reflect upon the needs of the church here in Haiti.  Out of respect for the Haitian Church and people, I'm not going to share the details.  I sat in my office talking to one of our national RMI leaders, sharing my experiences and asking them to give me insight.  Their response was "Director, it's a problem of discipleship.  They simply don't know any different.  No one has told them what the Bible says about that."

Go and MAKE DISCIPLES, teaching them to observe all that He has commanded.  America is an educated society with LOTS to share.  We are blessed, so let's not be stingy.

BTW, some other day, I will share what I think the Haitian church can uniquely teach the American Church.  American Church, we have problems too!

"All Scripture is breathed out by God
and profitable for teaching..."
2 Timothy 3:16

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