Monday, August 24, 2015

Added Responsibilities = Discomfort

There are many uncomfortable things I’ve had to learn to do in Haiti.  Some examples include learning (and regularly speaking!) another language, driving on difficult roads, killing a tarantula and  using an outhouse toilet.  Some of these things cause discomfort because I have a lack of confidence in my abilities while others, you can imagine, are just physically uncomfortable!

I am a Pharmacist by training.  I worked this profession for 10+ years in the States and it is a job I am very comfortable and confident doing.  Since coming to Haiti, I’ve had to take on many different jobs and responsibilities in order to find a place to serve and fill in the gaps.  I currently work as RMI’s hospitality coordinator and bookkeeper.  Both areas I previously had little training.  Both were uncomfortable to learn how to do and there are still some times that I don’t feel fully confident.  I am always learning. Yet, for the most part, I have come to really enjoy those responsibilities here.

Two years ago, I joined the school board of our kids’ school, Cite Lumiere Christian School (CLCS) and last year was asked to chair the board.  Talk about stretching and discomfort!  I don’t have any teaching experience or understanding, but I am a parent who LOVES our little school and all that it has offered our kids.  I still am very uncomfortable with this position, but am very thankful for great teachers, leaders and a principal and administrator that really know what they are doing!  God continues to show me how He is using me in spite of my lack of comfort, lack of abilities and lack of confidence!  In fact, this is an area I am only capable of because of the Lord’s help and guidance.

So why am I telling you all of this? Because I am about to add some new responsibilities to my plate that are WAY out of my comfort zone.  I could really use your prayers going forward!  Many of you have seen my pleas for teachers for our school and for this year, the Lord chose to answer those pleas/prayers in a way none of us expected.  We didn’t find anyone to come teach 2nd and 7th grades as we had hoped for this year, but with lots of prayer, our Principal has been able to put together a team of people to teach these classes, and for 2nd grade, that includes me.   (Ok, Becky, take a deep breath! “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”)

IMG_8598One of our wonderful elementary teachers, Mrs. Leger, left mid-year last year to have a baby.  One of the miraculous ways the Lord has been working over the summer is to prepare her to be willing and able to come back this school year on a part time basis.  She will teach 2 hours a day all the language arts classes (reading, spelling, grammar and writing) and be the 2nd grade “head teacher” so that our team has a qualified leader who knows what she is doing in the classroom.  I will teach from 8-9:30 everyday and my responsibilities will include worship and devotions, math and science.  New RMI missionary, Tina Nunemaker has agreed to come with her homeschooled 2nd grader and teach Bible.  The kids also have other teachers for French, PE, Art and Library. We are still figuring out the plan for Social Studies, but it looks like they may join the older kids for this subject.  School starts Monday, August 31st.

Is this what I was praying for last year and all summer?  Not at all.  Well, maybe that’s not quite true.  I certainly wasn’t praying that God would use me to fill this need in 2nd grade!  But I have been praying all along that God would provide for our needs in the classroom and bring the right people for the 2015-16  school year and a plan has come together that has so many parts, that it can only be viewed as God-directed.

So I ask for prayer.  Prayer for our school and all the different people that are making this school year possible for the kids.  Prayers for my kids who will start 5th, 4th and 2nd grades.  Prayers for me, as I add more responsibilities to my plate and take on the task of educating 3 awesome 2nd graders in math and science.  It will be uncomfortable and I lack confidence.  All the more reason to keep reminding myself that that is a great recipe for the Lord to do amazing things this school year.


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