Monday, August 10, 2015

Great Church Visit to Cote de Fer…

I recently had the opportunity to go with a team from The Summit Church, to visit their Sister Church, Cote de Fer MEBSH Church.  The team had come to do a construction project at the RMI Zanglais Retreat Center, but we took the opportunity to make a one day visit to their Sister Church. The day was filled with Gospel centered encouragement, smiles and tears.  We had an opportunity to meet and pray with the church deacons, visit 5 homes to provide nourishment for both the soul and the body, take a small part in the days Vacation Bible School, and have a meal together.

I got to meet “Happy” (first picture below).  They call him Happy, because his smile and laugh are intoxicating in spite of the burdens he is carrying in life.  His situation is VERY difficult as the walls of his home are crumbling and his concern as he ages is growing for the future care of his adult deaf daughter. James 1:2-4 comes to mind.

You can see more pictures here

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