Tuesday, August 23, 2016

A Short Update from the Thompsons...

Surgery is done, and it went extremely well.  Becky was able to go home within 24 hours of finishing surgery.  Frankly, we are amazed at her progress.  She is certainly tired, and moving slowly, but we are grateful that her spirits are high, the incisions are clean and doing very well, and physical range of motion is more than we anticipated.  God is answering the prayers of many.

Here are some updated praises and prayer requests...

  • Praise for good surgery.  The Dr.'s were very pleased, we are pleased, and the at home nurse was amazed at the good work that the Dr.'s did.
  • Praise for coming home so quickly and praise that the recovery has not been as hard as we expected it to be.  This doesn't mean it isn't hard! ;)
  • Praise for the HUGE numbers of people praying and supporting us.  Watch for another update on this soon.
  • Praise for meals coming over the next couple of weeks from friends.
  • Pray for continued recovery.  Pray for no pain, greater strength and endurance, and no infections.  There are drains involved, and we are praying those drains stop draining quickly so they can be removed.
  • Pray for good follow up appointments on Wednesday, Thursday, and next week.  We are expecting to hear from the Dr. on Thursday how successful the surgery was.  After surgery, they run tests to make sure they got all the cancer.   These results also will determine how aggressive we need to be with chemo.  Pray for good news and shorter chemo!
  • Pray for us as we anticipate chemo starting 3-4 weeks.
  • Pray for the kids as they prepare to start school on Aug 31.

Tessa, yesterday, with her 10 year old
Birthday gifts from grandparents.

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