Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Overwhelmed with Gratitude...

We are just overwhelmed with gratitude and thankfulness...

When we came to the US for a 3-month furlough, we never expected to find ourselves staying here for a year. Cancer was not on our radar at all. Within three weeks of landing on US soil, we were stunned and looking at a much different reality for the year ahead than we ever imagined.

Since my cancer diagnosis, life has been a whirlwind of doctors appointments mixed with working in the fun things we had planned. We've really been able to enjoy fun times with our family and with extended family and cousins. Rob and I still got to take the 2-night anniversary getaway we had planned months ago. We are really thankful for these opportunities amidst the madness of a million appointments.

As you can imagine, we've been working hard to figure out our living situation for the next year and make a decision on school for our kids. When we first arrived, Rob's parents graciously made it clear to us that we could stay with them as long as we needed to, even if it was for the whole year. In fact, we've set up beds for the kids and fetched some other furniture to help settle them in here. We desired a place of our own as a family, but we couldn't imagine how we were going to afford to go out and rent a place, furnish it, etc, while maintaining our home in Haiti, and paying for medical expenses. It just seemed an impossibility. In the meantime, Rob reached out to supporting churches in the area to see if they knew of any housing available at a minimal cost.

In the course of a week, the Lord opened some doors that we never expected! A supporting church of ours who has a sister church in Haiti, owns a home right next to the church and have offered for us to live there. It is perfect for our family and we are really excited. They are working on a few maintenance issues as well as replacing some things in the bathroom and we hope to move in before my surgery. Rob spent yesterday demoing the shower to prep it for replacement and the kids and I spent yesterday cleaning. We are gathering furniture and all the necessaries for a home (kitchen, bedding, etc) and so far we've bought very little. God is providing what we need from different places, family and friends who have extra of this or that to help make this our home for the next year. We are beyond thankful!

Did I also tell you about our vehicle situation? A friends of ours in this area left in March for a two year missions stint in Africa. She left her SUV with my brother's church to be used as needed. We already had planned to use it for the month of July while we were here. Well, she's graciously allowing us to use it for the year while we are here. It has more than enough room for our family. God is good and is revealing His love to us so many ways.

Figuring out where to live has helped us make a decision about school for the kids. My alma mater, The Pilgrim Academy, is only a ten minute drive from our new home. We visited last week and the kids are excited to get registered there in the next few days and start at the end of the month. One of the things they were worried about was going to an American school. It's the first time for all of them! Rob and I felt that a smaller Christian school would be the best transition for them for this one year (the public schools are quite big here). We are thankful for how supportive the school has been already. The kids are excited to go to school where two of their cousins are.

Surgery is in the next few weeks to start treatment. I will post an update on that in the next few days, including specific ways you can be praying for us. Please don't stop praying. We are convinced it is the prayers of many that are getting us through each day, each decision, each situation, and we are thankful.

God is providing for our needs in amazing ways, ways we could never have imagined or expected, and we are thankful. All glory to Him!

Here we are in front of our soon-to-be home away from home...

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