Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Get 2 Work...

Am I worshiping my work, or is my work an extension of my God-directed worship?  How about you?

Worship is an "expression of the heart, mind and soul born out of reverence and admiration that reveals and celebrates greatness".  Reference: Thompson Unabridged Dictionary

Let's not disconnect our work from our mission of worship.  Let's make sure our worship is vertical, not horizontal, and not directed at the interminable pursuit of self.

This admonition applies equally to those in "full time ministry", those "in the business world", stay at home moms and dads, retired, students, teachers, engineers, artists, etc. We all just as easily take our eye off the purpose of our existence.  When we take our eye off the ball, we swing/kick and miss.  We get sidetracked from the mission and spend countless hours in empty pursuits.

As fellow believers, we are all on the same mission.  Let's not allow ourselves to get consumed by the work, let's rather allow ourselves to be consumed in our worship.

Now, let's GET TO WORK...


p.s.  Thanks for reading.  Frankly, I write out of personal process, conviction, learning, and challenge.  If no others read, that's ok, for I have succeeded at recording my own wanderings and wonderings.

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