Sunday, February 24, 2008

For you Northerners...

We had a great time swimming today.  It has been pretty "cold" this winter, so we haven't gone swimming much.  Recently, it has been back up in the mid 80's, so the pool will once again be a regular activity for us.  Here are 2 pics and a video.  As always, click on pictures for a few more...


Thursday, February 21, 2008

A not so jiffy lube....

I haven't changed the oil myself in my car since before marriage.  We used to do it with Dad growing up at home, but that was before the onslaught of Jiffy Lube.  Well I decided to change the oil myself instead of paying someone else to do it.  I actually enjoyed it, and so did Drew.  It took awhile, and I made a huge mess, but it was fun.  The oil filters on our 2 foreign cars were impossible to get to, but I managed after I borrowed a different fuel filter wrench from our neighbor Marvin.  Next time Drew and I are committed to being as fast as Jimmy Johnson's pit crew.  I wasn't happy about the puddle of oil on the garage floor, and Becky wasn't happy about the oil on Drew's nice shorts.  Oh well, next time, we will do better.


Wednesday, February 20, 2008

So what do you think is cool?

NASA...  This morning the shuttle landed.  I don't know what it is about NASA, but I love it!  Drew and I sit and watch every take off and landing together.  This morning, as the shuttle went directly overhead here in SW Fl, we heard the very loud double sonic boom as the shuttle went sub-sonic.  The whole house literally shook.  Boom Boom.  Very cool.

apple Apple...  The videos I posted yesterday were my first projects on my new MacBook Pro.  Due only to the generosity of others, I now have a Mac.  Due to my artsy, design, creative and visual bent, I have long wanted to give Mac a try since that has historically been the strength of the Mac, but have been unable and unwilling to take the plunge.  I am not sure if I am officially going to say goodbye to my pc's, but I am clearly  intrigued.  Doing these videos was so easy on iMovie that comes free on the Mac.  Video is so resource intensive that my pc was always sluggish.  The Mac was incredibly fast.  I can't describe in words the quickness and nimbleness of previewing, moving around, editing, trimming and processing.  No lag whatsoever.  No rendering.  Very cool indeed.  As rumored to be on the way, once there is Picasa for the mac I will be hooked (I am not immediately impressed with iPhoto).  I will keep you updated on my potential conversion.

header-piclens16iePicLens... instantly transforms your browser into a full-screen, 3D experience for viewing images on the web.  Recently I came across this very cool plugin for Internet explorer.  View a demo here.  I guess it is much more visually pleasing then it is functional, but its cool factor is off the charts in my opinion.  Viewing my PicasaWeb Albums via PicLens is mind blowing. 

What's not cool?  I am home sick today.  Not cool.


Monday, February 18, 2008

Buckingham Park

I took the Drew and Tessa to the park today.  Here are the pics...


A Visit to Ft. Myers Beach

We had our first Care Group (small group of Sunday School class members) activity last night at Ft. Myers Beach.  It took awhile to get there (it was like Ocean City, NJ traffic in July), but we had a great time!  Here are a few pics (I was seriously bummed that I missed getting a picture of that shark fin protruding ominously above the water about 50 ft from shore)...



Sunday, February 17, 2008

Generosity, Community, Fellowship, Love...

Words we throw around, but don't always appreciate...

Yesterday I was almost brought to tears in our Sunday School Class.  Our community, is true community.  Becky and I were on the receiving end of the love of Christ being displayed, and it felt really good.  Really good.  Their generosity.  Their mutual love.  Their authenticity.  I am proud.  I am humbled.  I am deeply grateful for blessing us with such a community as this.


Saturday, February 16, 2008

Serving "Soup"...

Our Sunday School has adopted a local soup kitchen as our regular outlet for serving the community (3rd Saturday of every month).  You know, truly, the church is far too inwardly focused.  We have been doing this for 4-5 months.  This past Saturday was my first opportunity to help out.  We served Spaghetti to about 70 Men, women and children.  It was a blessing to be the hands and feet of Jesus for a few moments...

These pictures are from my phone, so they aren't much, but here they are anyway...

IMG_0101 MeIMG_0095 MarkIMG_0097 Ashley

IMG_0104 Brandy and Riley

Friday, February 15, 2008

Being a Missionary has its Perks

Ok, so you might not interpret this as a perk, but I sure did.  What a great experience!  As part of the missionary conference (GIC)  at our church, McGregor, here in Ft. Myers, FL, we took at trip way out into the Everglades for a tour by Swamp Buggy and by Air Boat.  Either the airboat or the holding of this alligator was my favorite part! Click the picture for the whole album.


Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Rendering to Caesar....

I finished our taxes last night.  Woohoo, we are getting a sweet refund.  I guess treating our dunkin donuts purchases as deductible business expenses really helped!  Not to mention treating our Cable bill as dependent care.

Sadly, the refund will go toward our future minivan.  At least Becky is cool with this idea and  this idea.


Tuesday, February 5, 2008


     I think we've got the camping bug.  We camped a lot before kids came along, but we haven't had/made the opportunity until recently.  Rob went on a one-night guys only trip with guys from our Sunday School class a month ago and out of that came the idea to do the same with spouses (no kids!) this past Friday night.  We had a great time and a great turnout.  It was awesome that the majority of our class was able to attend!  We are planning a family trip in the next few weeks.  This campground was 15 minutes from our house and it felt good to "get away." Here are a few pics.IMG_3496

James and Josh-- our master chefs...


Fran and Justin had the mac-daddy of all air mattresses!  It was her first time camping!



Hanging out around the campfire!IMG_3536

Mark and Brandy's tent got hung up the next morning while they were out riding bikes...

Two weeks ago, Rob and Drew camped out in the back yard.  Drew was so excited when he and Rob were setting up the tent.  Here are a few pics from that night.  Drew is so excited to go real camping with a fire some time soon!

IMG_3432 IMG_3430 IMG_3443

Drew jumped right in and figured out quickly how to help Daddy set up the tent.


Tessa and Daddy being "crazy" in the tent.


They are ready to go, with their matching headlamps!


Ready for bed!  Drew was asleep by 8:30 PM and slept all night.  Rob did a little reading and you tube watching and was asleep by 9:30!  They had so much fun!


Monday, February 4, 2008


We have been working on potty training here for what seems like forever.  A week ago, I would have told you that Drew was pretty much completely trained.  There was only the occasional accident, he was sleeping in underwear and even going to church in underwear.  All that seemed to change on Tuesday.  Since Tuesday, he's had at least 2 accidents everyday!  So frustrating!  I'm convinced it's just laziness.  So today, I told him that every time he stayed dry, he could have some yogurt raisins and every time he had an accident he was going to get a time out.  So far so good.  Once, instead of getting yogurt raisins, he asked if he could have a lollipop for staying dry.  I have a little stash of dum-dums so I said yes and let him pick one out.  I watched him take it onto the lanai.  A minute later I look over and he is sitting at the table, hands folded, singing his prayer song:

"Thank you Jesus, Thank you Jesus,

For my lollipop, for my lollipop,

And my many blessings, and my many blessings,

Amen, Amen."

It was music to my ears!  At Drew's age (almost 3), I feel like there are more failures than successes between potty training, disciplining, sharing, etc...  That little tidbit was hope that he  just may be "getting it" and was encouragement to me  to keep on working hard at all the rest.  He might just turn out okay after all!