Thursday, July 31, 2008

Can Daddy “Cook?”

So, Rob worked a half day at the office today then came home for lunch and is working from home the rest of the day.  The kids and I were on the lanai eating lunch when Rob came home and after he said “hi” to us, he went into the kitchen to make himself a sandwich.  He brings his plate and sandwich out to eat with us and Drew promptly states, with amazement in his voice, “Daddy! I thought you couldn’t cook!”  Rob and I were laughing for at least 5 minutes!


My first Vlog…

Since I know you all like to hear me talk, I am considering the whole vlogging concept.  Here is my first attempt. 

I need to get it to the point that I can do it in 5 minutes and be done.  I don’t want it to become a distraction from the important things in life, like eating and facebook…


Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Going on a Bear Hunt…

drew huntingSo all morning yesterday, Drew kept asking if all of us could go on a bear hunt.  He spent the morning gathering “guns” for each of us (various toys around the house became weapons.)  I have to admit, we were kind of brushing him off and not real enthusiastic about playing bear hunt, and it just didn’t happen.  In the afternoon, I had a follow-up appointment with my OB and then took Braden to the Pediatrician.  Rob stayed home with Drew and Tessa so Tessa could take her nap. 3 hours later, I was home for dinner (can I say as a side note, how great it is to have friends bringing us meals for the next 2 weeks!?)  Getting back to the bear hunt, I walk in the door and Drew is ecstatic and talking my ear off about how he went on a bear/deer hunt with Daddy this afternoon.  Rob snapped this picture on his iPhone.  Notice how excited/proud he is?!  After dinner, he and Daddy had to put it all back on (Rob had some of his camo gear on as well) to show me how they played.  Tessa even tried on some camo gloves, but she was a little skeptical of Daddy.  He looked a little scary with his camo face mask and jacket.  Drew is definitely all boy!



Friday, July 25, 2008

Braden’s Birth Video…

Without further delay, here is Braden’s birth video.  Enjoy!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Braden is here!

Braden Montgomery was born at 8:15 am today (Mon 7/21).  He is 9lbs 15 oz and 21“ long.

Everyone is doing great!

Montgomery is in honor of Becky’s father and grandfather (Montgomery was their middle names).

Some pictures are below and more are available and even more will be available later today and in the days to come at





Sunday, July 20, 2008


With the pending birth of baby #3 tomorrow morning, I have been feeling nostalgic about Drew and Tessa’s birth.  Each of them have their own “birth” video.  Tessa’s is much better than Drew’s, mostly because Rob got much better at video editing between both of their births.  Some of you have seen them before, but even so, I wanted to share them again.  Each has their own song which they have come to know as “theirs.”  Drew’s song is “How Great is Our God” by Chris Tomlin and Tessa’s is “Come and Listen” by David Crowder Band.  Both kids regularly request “their song” riding in the car.  Drew often gets offended if I try to sing his song with him!  He likes to sing it by himself and he knows all the words!

So many of you know our journey to having kids, but many  of you don’t.  I want to look forward to tomorrow morning, giving all the credit and glory to God for the birth of all of our children.  Our journey hasn’t been easy.  It started with 6 miscarriages over a 2 year period.  Each one was difficult.  Through it all, I knew in my heart that we would have a family—I just didn’t know how exactly God would accomplish that.  After the 6th miscarriage, through much prayer, we made the decision to try  one more time for a biological child.  It was a point of completely giving it all to God and knowing that if it didn’t work out, we were going to move on to adoption.  We were confident in this decision and confident that God would confirm his will for our family.  And, WOW did He!  We were so thrilled and blessed when Drew’s pregnancy was successful.  Then, surprise!   Tessa came along and that pregnancy was wonderfully successful as well.  I can’t help but well up with emotion when I think out about the overflow of blessing that baby #3 brings in light of our journey.  Psalm 126:3 says “The Lord has done great things for us and we are filled with joy!”


Keep your eyes open in the next few days for Baby #3’s video!  We already have a song picked out for this one!


Friday, July 18, 2008

10 Years!


It’s hard to believe that 10 years ago today we walked down the aisle and said “I do.”  13 years ago today we had our first date at Olive Garden.  Those years have flown by!  We have walked through life together and I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way.  The last 10 years have been full of fun and sorrow and moves and challenges and changes.  We’ve done it all together, hand in hand.

Rob, I love you more today than I did that day 10 years ago.  That sounds so cliche’, but I don’t know how to say it any other way.  I am so thankful God brought us together.  Going through life with you has brought me nothing but joy, even during difficult times.  I  can’t wait to see what the next 10 years bring!

I love you!


Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Getting Ready to go…


We are getting ready to go.  5 days until baby #3 gets here.  About a month ago we sat down and made a list (aka…a book) of all the things we wanted to get done before the baby got here.

The list was long and we have made great progress! But, the day is fast approaching and time is limited and the list is not done.  Mom and Dad get here tomorrow, so this is my last night to finish up.  Let’s just say that Dad will be helping me on a few things that I didn’t get finished!  Right Dad? (as if he checks my blog!)

This picture is of Becky about a week ago.  I say she is 12 months pregnant.  I also say, “wow, you are huge”.  She isn’t real enthused with that, but the reality is it is the most beautiful big I have ever seen!

I love you sweety!


Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Why oh why???

I am wondering why Josh Groban just sang God Bless America during the
MLB All Star Game 7th inning stretch? And why did they ask everyone
to stand? I really don't understand..

Monday, July 14, 2008

Near Death by Tonsil…

Haitians have a proverb…  Sickness comes in on a horse, but leaves on foot.  Oh how true that is…

Strep Throat is never fun!!!  I was flat-on-my-back sick on Thursday – Saturday.  I have never seen a pair of tonsils so large!  I am not sure what was worse, the swollen and painful tonsils, or the head and body ache and therefore total body exhaustion?   Sunday I started feeling better.  Today is even better, but wow I am still so tired! 

Becky has been amazing.  “12 months pregnant” and she is still going strong taking care of the 3 of us kids.  She cleaned out a closet and then made 3 pans of lasagna the other night!  Every night it is something.  I love her!

Drew woke up with what appeared to be a slight fever.  He was lethargic and whiny, but we hoped it was due to a rough night of sleep.  He woke up twice from nightmares.   It only took an hour at the sitters today for her to call me and tell me he indeed was sick with a fever.   We wouldn’t typically rush to the doctor, but since we have a baby a week away, and I knew of my recent brush with death by tonsil, I took him to the doc.  Yep, after a 5 minute lab test, positive for Strep!  Yuck.  The antibiotics have already started.

We have one more week until the scheduled c-section (and who knows how long if it comes on its own).  Think Tessa will get sick?  How about Becky?  My parents arrive Thursday mid day.

Pray for us!!!


Saturday, July 12, 2008

Todays Rants...

Today, I am tired of...

Marmol, streptococcus, politics and disobedient children.

There. I got it off my chest. I feel better already.


Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Waking Up

It’s funny how having kids drastically changes your life, but doesn’t necessarily change you.  For example, I have never been a morning person.  It just takes me a while to wake up.  Rob has known though our almost 10 years of marriage not to talk to me much in the morning.  I just like the quiet and don’t want to have anything to do with trying to have a conversation.  But what happens when kids enter your life?  Not only are you waking up multiple times a night (when they are infants) but you have to be on, ready to go, the minute they wake up.  I may have adjusted (somewhat) to that, but I will always be slow to wake up.

What’s amazing is to see the kids personality in this area as well.  I think Drew sits up in bed in the morning and his eyes pop right open and he’s full of energy, ready to go.  No waking up time for him needed!  If he gets up before us, he’ll climb in bed with us for a minute or two to snuggle, but then he’s up and about talking a mile a minute  trying to figure out what game to play.  This morning was no exception.  Most mornings Rob and I  try to get up earlier, but we were both up pretty late last night for different reasons and “slept in.”  Drew was up just before 7 AM.  Within 5 minutes he had brought in a hanger for himself, a toy water gun for daddy and a toy hammer for me so we could all go on a deer hunt.  He took about 5 minutes to explain to me how the hanger was his shooter and all the things it did, including cooking the deer and shooting it into his mouth.  (What can I say, he is his father’s son.)  All that at barely   7 AM. Whew!

Tessa, on the other hand, is a girl after my own heart!  She likes to take her time to wake up and she loves being in her crib.  Most mornings and after nap-time, I may hear her talking a little bit, but that’s about it.  We go into her room, wondering if she’s okay because it’s 8:30 AM and we still haven’t heard a peep out of her, and she’s just laying there, sucking on her paci or talking to whatever stuffed animal is in her crib or her blankie.  Most mornings we have to go in and come back later because she just doesn’t want to get up yet!  Oh, to have that luxury!


Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Just Like Daddy and Rainbows

Drew wants to be just like Daddy these days.  Whatever Daddy is doing, he has to do it with him.  They call it “man work.”  This weekend they spent outside weeding all the shrub beds and planting some more plants.  That was no easy feat considering that everyday here is what we say 90-90.  That’s 90 degrees, 90 percent humidity.   We have a list of things to do before the baby comes and Rob and Drew worked so hard to knock some things off the list.  This weekend, they are going to re-mulch all of the shrub beds.  Rob has a great work ethic that he learned from his father and it’s fun to see him passing that on to Drew.

Here’s a few pics of the kids after they got their hands on Daddy’s sunglasses…



Last night Rob took both kids out to the garage to get out all the baby gear and do some organizing.  An afternoon of thunderstorms had just passed through (as they do every afternoon here during rainy season) and Rob called me outside to see a double rainbow.  Both rainbows were complete from end to end, but by the time I got the camera, the top one was mostly gone.  These pics don’t do it justice, but I wanted to share them anyway.  It was beautiful.  Drew says, “Mommy, Mommy, God sent us a beautiful rainbow!” and Tessa said “me-mow” (her word for rainbow) all night.  We really are spoiled here.  We see them all the time, especially during rainy season.

IMG_5348 IMG_5349

Tessa insisted on wearing Drew’s bike helmet the entire time they were out in the garage.  It was too funny!  Here’s some pics of brother and sister—I hope they always love each other as much as they do now.  The last one was hard to catch!

IMG_5356 IMG_5359